Elliot Brown

Walking - The first concept came from an exhibition in the Tate Britain, by the artist Mark Wallinger - Threshold to the Kingdom. Wallinger showed people arriving in the international arrivals hall of an airport. The people shown were in slow motion. It made me think about the whole process of walking. I wanted to explore different perspectives of the movement.


I therefore came to the idea of my installation. It shows the feet, body and head of the individual on the sides in a step pattern, showing the opposite on the other side. The front and back show the full body of the individual. Splitting the motions into sections enables you to see a different perspective of the movement of the individual. I find it interesting that sectioning up the video adds an extra dimension allowing different interpretations to be made creating new compositions. I see this as a development on my trees video, where I split up the motions of the underside of a tree into 4 quadrants.


This project is still in development. In the future I intend to create a physical installation where an individual can walk round a cuboid to really see the different perspectives. This type of presentation is something that really excites me. I hope to create more work of this nature.


The video was filmed and edited by my self and animated by Michael Low. The actor was Niall Brennan.


© Elliot Brown 2014