Elliot Brown
Perspective within Time

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Perspective in Time is a video time-lapse installation depicting the new Benzi building at Manchester Metropolitan University.  The installation shows three perspectives from each floor (Level 0 - 4) at the front, middle and rear of the building. Each viewpoint is double-sided so as to allow an apprehension of the whole building. The perspectives on each floor are viewed on a 3x5 grid that enables a rectilinear distortion of the building comprising three different but simultaneous perspectives from each floor. The final installation was presented on six TV displays allowing an individual to move around the presentation space and see all the time lapsed perspectives by changing their position.


It is designed to see how time can be perceived by viewing the same scene from different perspectives provoking alternative perceptions in time seeing objects and people closer and further away and from various angles. The piece also questions how individuals explore spaces, how from all the images displayed on the rectilinear structure, individuals will mentally edit the images that they see.


I'm wanting to pursue my interests with how video work can be interactive with individuals viewing and engaging with the work and how people make sense of spaces differently with multiple associations brought to the elements perceived.



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