Elliot Brown
Manchester in 24 Hours

Manchester in 24 Hours was a project to show the similarities and contrasts of Manchester city centre over a 24 hour period.  I thought the time-lapse medium would be appropriate to illustrate the passing of time over a 24 hour period, allowing contrasts to be drawn. I furthered this by adding a time-lapsed clock at every three hours, sectioning the film into 8 pieces. The resultant film gives an alternative perspective of Manchester, highlighting how light and activity in the city creates a different vibe and overall mood.


Manchester in 24 Hours was selected by the BBC and shown on the BBC Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester between November 2010 to November 2011.


This project had stemmed from my first experiments with time-lapse photography. One early attempt became Trees.  In this video I time-lapsed a tree in 4 different quadrants then put them together to re-form the tree with an off-set appearance.


The full project can be view on the video page


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