Elliot Brown
Interrupting Space

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Interrupting Space was a project that I conducted for my final piece of my foundation course in Art & Design.


The projects consist of a series of short films that interrupt the space allowing a viewer to perceive the spaces in a variety of ways.


The series of films consist of:



Stand shows Niall Brennan standing in front of some trees. Niall is built up from a 3x8 grid. This shows three different perspectives of Niall on each row. This grid is contained within the background of the trees. As the film progresses each row is removed revealing Niall standing behind, captured ‘normally’.



Studio comprises 78 rectangles in a 13x6 grid. Six different videos were reordered at six different depths of field. The resultant film shows the studio space from six different points of focus all merged together within the grid.



Saxophone shows the improvisational saxophonist Geoff Bright from three different perspectives on each of four rows. The rows build up the image of Geoff playing his saxophone. In each row Geoff plays something different although everything is heard at the same time. The pieces end at different times, with the film fading row by row, revealing the structure of the film.



Here Niall Brennan is walking along a path in the park. Captured in the same way as ‘Stand’. A 3x8 grid shows Niall from three different perspectives on each row. The background moves at the same speed as Niall, tracking his movement.

© Elliot Brown 2014